About Nafplion

The Town of Nafplio

Nafplion is a town steeped in history, being the first capital of the newly liberated Greece and being inhabited for an extended period of time throughout the centuries. Visit the monuments and museums spread out, in the city. Explore the graphic and narrow, Venetian style streets of Nafplion old town where the history and different occupants of the place are strongly noticed, due to the mix of architectural styles. Today Nafplio is a small city of aroung 16.000 citizens. A cosmopolitan city with visitors from all over the world, all year round.

Places to Visit in Nafplion


Sea Fort Bourtzi

A fort built amidst the towns harbour. Can be visited by water taxi.


The Bavarian Lion

Memorial dedicated to the fallen Bavarian soldiers in Otto's escort in Nauplion in 1833 - 1834.


Nafplion Harbour

One of the town most seen and visited places, great for a stroll or a walk around the cafes and bars.


Folklore Museum

Primary goal of this museum is to study and conserve the Hellenic cultural activity.



A castle of rich history dating back to ancient times, varient parts of the wall indicate different eras such as Ancient, Byzantine etc.


Syntagma Square

In the town centre, Syntagma Square is a historic place, where the first plans of revolution began.



The castle overlooking the whole town of Nafplio. Built by the Venetians in 1711 - 1714.


Archaeological Museum

The Archeaological Museum of Nafplion holds a permanent exhibition of finds from pre-historic times.


National Gallery

The National Gallery, house a collection of artwork centred around the Greek revolution and liberation against the Turks.


Nafplio Old Town

Graphic with beautiful hidden alleys and narrow streets.


War Museum

The first Army Cadet School and now Nafplion's War Museum was inaugurated in 1988.


Arvinitia Walk

A way to enjoy and discover the town from another perspective.

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